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Polaris Pen and Pencil Kits

Polaris Pen and Pencil

by Scott & Kathy Griffith, premiere turning artisans Reprinted by permission from Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine


Carba-tec Lathe CT-Lathe-1
Duplicator CT-Dup (optional)
Lathe Mandrel Set, PK-1001
Barrel Trimmer Kit, PK-1390
Pen Press, PK-1008
Koa or similar Pen Blank
Shellawax Cream, PK-1009
Abrasive Rolls, PK-1276
Polaris Pen, PK-1048
Polaris Pencil, PK-1049

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Scott and Kathy Griffith have been married for twenty-six years. They live in Southern Lancaster County, PA, amidst beautiful farmlands, Amish neighbors, and a feeling of community reminiscent of their childhoods.

They have worked with wood in some manner for most of their lives. However, since 1984 the focus of their work has been wood carving and turning. Their love for this hobby has deepened their appreciation for the surrounding world and has led them to try to spread the joy. One aspect of this is the benefits gained by children and adults who share the hobby. What a great way to spend time together and to learn through workmanship and shared creativity.

Scott and Kathy’s work can be seen at many fine arts and craft and wood carving shows, and through the fair season at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire among the artisans in Swashbucklers Grove!

This article is the third in an ongoing series focussing on the many uses and applications of the mini lathe. Scott and Kathy have been kind enough to share with us their many “tricks of the trade” when it comes to getting involved in and making a profit through this fascinating, up-and-coming school of turning. As you will see, not only are the Griffiths prolific designers, they are also incredibly organized!

Why Polaris pens are so popular
This is the most popular style of writing instrument that we make for selling. The large surface of the pen body allows a broader, uninterrupted view of the beauty in the wood. One important selling tactic for this pen is to put it in the hand of potential customers and have them write with it. The Polaris is balanced to the pen point and the larger diameter lends itself to a more relaxed writing stylewith less choking of the pen and less hand fatigue.

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