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Polaris Pen and Pencil Kits

24-Karat “Slimline” Pen and Pencil Kits

by Scott & Kathy Griffith, premiere turning artisans
Reprinted by permission from Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine

Remove the finished wood from the mandrel. If you are turning a number of pens, drop the completed tubes into one of the kit bags and they will be ready to assemble. With the kit instructions in front of you, lay out the parts for one pen in the order of assembly. This should familiarize you with the parts and hopefully prevent you from putting a part on backwards. When you first attempt assembly, do a dry run without pressing anything together to make sure you have all the parts in the correct order.

Most of the parts are precision press fitted, so a pen
press can be a good tool to help in getting a proper fit (see Fig. 9). When finished, the wood should transition to the pen parts smoothly and the pen point should completely retract into the pen body (see Figs. 10 and 11). The turned section of the pen should have a smooth satiny feel to it.

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Fig. 9. A pen press can be a good tool to help in getting a proper fit.

Fig. 10. The finished pen.

Fig. 11. An assortment of Polaris pens.


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