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Mantle Clock Building

Americana Mantle Clock

by Joseph M. Herrmann of Timber Treasures
Reprinted by permission from Creative Woodworks and Crafts Magazine

Fig. 5. The circle cutter is all set up and ready to make the
cut. Care should be taken to ensure that the arm will not hit
anything when the power is turned on.

Fig. 6. Don’t put any nails along the edge of the box where they could interfere with future cuts; just glue
and clamp.
Fig. 7. Rout the small chamfer
detail along the edges of the box. Note the “stop lines” marked on the surface of the

Fig. 8. Use a push stick and the eraser end of a stout pencil to run the remaining edge of the foot blank safely through the router bit.

Fig. 9. Round over the remaining end of the foot on the disc sander.

Fig. 10. The feet have been attached to the base of the clock.
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