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Beginner's Guide To Penmaking

I love to try new things, especially if it's outside the normal realm of my previous experience. I've been intrigued with the idea of penmaking since I first heard of it. I've worked in the construction industry before, but never did any woodworking or fine craftsmanship and I never had the joy of operating a lathe so I thought I would document my first penmaking experience.

My dad owns a lathe and drill press so I knew I would have access to the basic tools and I asked my friends at Steebar to send me the basic items I would need to make a few pens. Having received previous items from them - I knew their packaging would be excellent and was not disappointed as you can see from the photos below.

Photo1: No chance of any shipping damage with this excellent packaging.

Photo2: Items included a set of turning tools, pre-drilled blanks, several pen & pencil kits, 7mm drill bit, mandrel, Instant CA glue and HUT perfect polish.

I did take a few minutes to watch the excellent 'Basic Penmaking' video to get a basic idea of how the process should be done. I'd recommend it as a good starting point for anyone - even experienced wood craftsmen. I also, printed off the penmaking instruction & assembly sheet from the site that matched the model number of my pen & pencil kits.

Prepare the blanks
After unpacking a few of the kits and blanks I roughed up the outside of the tubes with 100 grit sandpaper as per the instructions and then applied glue to the tubes and inserted with a twisting motion to ensure that the entire inside surface of the blank was glued to the tube.

Photo3: Roughing the outside of the tubes..

Photo4: Use a gap-filling CA Instant adhesive to glue the tubes to the blanks.

Photo5: Insert with a twisting motion to ensure a good bond.

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On we provide you with pen making instruction and tips to make a satisfying hobby even more enjoyable. You will find a complete line of Pen making kits, supplies and turning tools on If there's something you can't find just send us an email and we'll be glad to point you in the right direction. Don't forget to stop by our wood working craft site

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